About Us

Dr Arabatyan finished his doctorate degree at UCSF School of Dentistry, which still influences his philosophy of care and patient treatment.

“We’re trained at UCSF School of Dentistry to be Doctors first in treating patients, then Dentists. We practice oral health care from a holistic, comprehensive standpoint. We don’t just fix teeth, we improve patient’s overall general health and also their confidence.”

Dr. Arabatyan believes in a strong connection between a patient’s oral health and general health. Clinical research shows poor oral health care can affect patients’ cardiovascular and immune system; even surprising connections for pregnant patients between gum disease and premature births.

The foundation of Dr Arabatyan’s philosophy of patient care is threefold:

  • Comprehensive oral health care that influences patients’ overall health and well-being.
  • Preventative dental care to avoid dental emergencies, oral infections, facial swelling, and preserve healthy tooth structure and gum tissue.
  • Cosmetic dental care utilizing the latest techniques with porcelain, composite white fillings and digital radiography to recreate patients’ natural smite and improve their confidence.