• Dentophobia management at Sutter Dental
  • At Sutter Dental, we understand the neuro-systemic presentation of fear. Dr. Arabatyan coined the term “dental chair yoga” which is a specific breathing technique that helps to minimize sympathetic system (flight or fight) and promotes the activation of parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest)
  • We have new technologies and delivery system of dentistry that makes dental care comfortable and minimizes discomfort
  • Dr. Arabatyan utilizes show-and-tell technique to the patients to minimize surprises and strongly believes in education of patients’ oral health to make them fully equipped to take care of their oral health care between appointments.
  • Dr. Arabtyan practices evidence based dentistry and patients’ trust is earned rather than given
  • Dr. Arabatyan also prescribed anti-anxiety medication in small cases of patients who absolutely are in need
  • Our experienced team is trained in both chair side and interpersonal communication to minimize patient dentophobia
  • Each operatory is equipped with personal entertainment systems to provide relaxation and/or entertainment as desired.