Super thorough, fantastic service, amazing dentist! – Fareeda

Very kind and courteous service. Very happy I chose this place. – Robert

This may have been my best experience ever with a dentist!!! Everyone I interacted with was so nice and welcoming. And I felt so looked after. Really felt like I learned a lot! And especially appreciated the consideration of my schedule and when I needed to be out by. Amazing. – Julias

I always feel safe and in highly competent hands at Sutter dental. – Leilaa

Fantastic dentist…really great cleaning! Staff is always so helpful and friendly. Thank you! – Anonymous

Everyone at Sutter Dental is exceptional. I’ve been going to Sutter Dental for years. I highly recommend them to be your dentist. – David

The office is always warm and welcoming and clean, and the staff are very *very* knowledgeable about what they do. Preventive care may be a bit expensive but in the long run, it’s better for your oral health (in my opinion.)

I have yet to have a hygienist or a consultation with Gary where I felt mistreated or was getting false information, and they will take the time to walk you through proper techniques, x-rays, and new dental tools. It’s pretty cool.

The office is high enough in the tower to get great views while getting work done and they have this super cool fish tank and this really cool panorama photo of the Caribbean which is super exciting. – Dandy

I love coming here! Dr. A and office staff are A++ in my book. Great work, people and atmosphere. Highly recommend his office. – Hector

Dr. Gary gave me a Zoom dental whitening treatment. Staff was thorough before the treatment and gave me very helpful after-care information (I have sensitive teeth). And Dr Gary has an excellent and thoughtful chairside manner and was gentle on the teeth. He did a great job and even consulted on how to follow up for a few extra-stained teeth. Highly recommend! – Elisabeth

Dr A is always soo friendly and professional. Yvette is ever so knowledgeable and warm. I will
Always go back. – Stacey